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Selection of lesson notes; practice and assessments covering Number and Algebra; Geometry (linear functions) and Quadratics.These can be split into several sessions and used either as a full class activity of self study. Answers included to practice questions; and some include end of lesson tests that could be used in class or as homework.

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    IB_MST_Notes_Geometry_1.doc (89kb, Word document)
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    IB_MST_Notes_Numbers_and_Algebra_1_full.doc (96kb, Word document)
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    ib_MST_Notes_quadratics.doc (249kb, Word document)
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A comprehensive set of notes, worked examples and exam questions of a variety of topics. These are useful in that they can be used in a whole host of ways. I would suggest emailing the notes to pupils and giving them the exam questions to work through alone and if pupils have any questions to ask the teacher.

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