Success criteria for teacher and self assessment

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Success criteria for independent writing. I have used these as part of a big write session. The children can use the success criteria pro-actively or in reflection. They assess themselves against each criteria.

Adapted from a resource contributed to TES Connect by Faheey

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Peer Asssessment. I used traffic lights in my class of 11 year olds. This is a wonderful add on. Thanks!

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What a hero!. Many thanks for this Faheey! Will be using them in my big writes - and in observations.

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very helpful. This will be very useful to stick in book as evidence of AFL :)

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Thank you :o). These are very clear. I like the format and will adapt it for the other genres. Thanks again.

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Self assessment Year 6. These look great - are there any more? Newspaper report, persuasive writing, biography etc?

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