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We’ve added a host of features to the Share My Lesson website including…

profile exampleProfiles

With the Share My Lesson profiles, it is easy for you to make connections across the teaching community. You can track down other teachers in your subject area or your neighborhood, or even colleagues you’ve lost touch with.

You can also connect with the teacher who uploaded a helpful lesson plan onto our Resource Bank, or the person who gave such great careers advice in our forums.

We give you complete control over who sees your profile information. And you can rest assured that we will never share your contact information with anybody else without your consent.

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Small resource iconThe Resources

The Resources area has specific sections devoted to individual subjects, and is split into four distinct grade levels. To find the area for your subject go to our Resources hub.

There’s also a resources by date feature, designed to help you plan those last-minute lessons.

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CommunitySmall resource icon

Our forums are easy to use and allow you to learn even more about your fellow Share My Lesson members; you can send them instant messages, check out all the other messages they’ve posted and see what resources they’ve uploaded. If you really like their contributions you can even add them as a friend.

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