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César Chávez

On March 31, we celebrate César Chávez Day. Chávez, a civil rights and labor activist, co-founded the United Farm Workers Union and used nonviolent protests to fight for the rights of laborers. Although it is not a federal holiday, President Obama has urged all Americans to celebrate Chávez’s life and legacy through acts of service on March 31.

The Share My Lesson team has identified lesson plans and resources you can use in your classes to help teach your students about César Chávez.

Who was César Chávez?
This lesson provides an opportunity for students to learn more about Chávez, understand the strategies he used to create change and analyze modern day civil rights and labor struggles.

César Chávez’s 1984 Commonwealth Club Address
In this comprehensive unit, students use this important speech to form evidence-based claims about an informational text.

Fighting for a cause
Use this unit to teach your students about historical figures, including César Chávez, who fought for causes they believed would make a difference.

Unit of study: Changemakers
In this unit, students learn about key figures who stood up for change during the Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights and Workers' Rights movements.

Change through strategic nonviolent action
In this lesson, nonviolence is introduced to students as a concept with a deep history that reverberates in the present. Students will analyze major figures who practiced nonviolent action.

United Farm Workers Union
In this podcast from 60 Second Civics, students are introduced to César Chávez and Dolores Huerta, key civil rights activists.