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Teacher Toolkits: Making Your Life Easier

We know that as educators, you're incredibly busy with lesson planning, grading, communicating with parents, professional development and so much more.

We’re hoping to make your life a bit easier with our updated, ever-popular Teacher Toolkits. In each toolkit, you'll find direct links to the Common Core State Standards for both math and ELA by grade, and you'll find our favorite resources for each subject. Each toolkit makes it simple and easy to find what you need most.

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Teacher Toolkits

Pre-K Toolkit

Kindergarten Toolkit

First Grade Toolkit

Second Grade Toolkit

Third Grade Toolkit

Fourth Grade Toolkit

Fifth Grade Toolkit

Sixth Grade Toolkit

Seventh Grade Toolkit

Eighth Grade Toolkit

Ninth and Tenth Grade ELA Toolkit

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade ELA Toolkit

High School Science Toolkit

High School Math Toolkit

High School Social Studies Toolkit