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Common Core Confident

Implementing the Common Core State Standards means big changes for educators. Share My Lesson understands that the transition to the Common Core State Standards might seem daunting. Don’t stress! We are here to support your learning so you are as confident as possible as you make the necessary adjustments to your teaching.

Share My Lesson provides the best tips, advice and strategies from a team of trusted Common Core educational experts. Check out our webinars where we bring Common Core information to you!

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Recorded webinars:

RECORDED – Kenji Hakuta
Common Core Success for English Language Learners
Dr. Hakuta is the Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. His research focuses on the role of language in subject-area learning, with a special focus on helping English Language Learners meet the new Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Dr. Hakuta will address the need to support language acquisition while simultaneously providing rigorous content-area instruction.

RECORDED – Catherine McClellan
Test Anxiety: Assessment in the Age of CCSS
Catherine McClellan is a consulting psychometrician with an array of impressive educational credits that include directing the NAEP assessments, work on the Measures of Effective Teaching project, and performance assessments for credentialing and National Board certification. Dr. McClellan will demystify testing in the age of the Common Core, helping teachers to better understand what the new tests will look like and how to help students prepare for success.

RECORDED – Dr. Patricia Davis
Addressing the Role of Text Complexity in the Common Core
Dr. Patricia Davis is a lead consultant with McREL, providing professional development for school-level improvement, curriculum development and classroom effectiveness. Dr. Davis has spent over 20 years in the classroom, instructing several grade levels and coordinating gifted education programs, as well as working within several colleges and universities. Dr. Davis will address the role of text complexity in the Common Core State Standards.

RECORDED – Charlotte Danielson
The Framework for Teaching and the Common Core
Ms. Danielson is an internationally-recognized expert who has taught at all levels, from kindergarten through college, and has also worked in curriculum development. Her current work in the area of teacher effectiveness focuses on the design of teacher evaluation systems that promote professional learning while ensuring teacher quality. Ms. Danielson will discuss how recent revisions to the Framework for Teaching intersect with the Common Core State Standards to promote stronger teaching.

RECORDED – Dr. Anne Tweed
Working with the Next Generation Science Standards
Dr. Anne Tweed is a principal consultant with McREL, providing professional development for schools, districts, and state departments designed to develop highly qualified teachers. Dr. Tweed is the former president of the National Science Teachers Association and spent 30 years teaching high school science. In her presentation, Dr. Tweed will discuss how the new Next Generation Science Standards will affect teachers and curriculum development.

RECORDED – Dr. Louisa Moats
Foundational Skills for Writing Dr. Louisa Moats, a contributing writer of the Common Core State Standards, is the author of many influential scientific journal articles, books and policy papers on the topics of reading, spelling, language, and teacher preparation. Dr. Moats will be discussing the foundational skills for writing necessary to be successful with the Common Core standards.

RECORDED – Dr. William McCallum
Common Core Math Practices
Dr. William G. McCallum is a University Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. His professional interests include arithmetical algebraic geometry and mathematics education. Dr. McCallum was one of the lead writers for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. He will discuss the foundational practices in the Standards.

RECORDED – Dr. Crystal Day-Hess
Preparing Early Childhood Students for Common Core Success
Dr. Crystal Day-Hess is a senior researcher at McREL, and her current work focuses on multiple Early Reading First projects, as well as projects evaluating teacher training and evaluation programs. During her presentation, Dr. Day-Hess will focus on English Language Arts instruction for early childhood students.

RECORDED – Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams
The Challenge of Complex Texts
Marilyn Jager Adams is a Visiting Scholar in the Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences Department at Brown University and is the author of a number of scholarly papers and of several books concerning literacy and young children. Dr. Adams has been on the Planning or Steering Committees for NAEP since 1992, and was a member of the Development Team for the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Dr. Adams will be presenting about "Advancing Our Students' Language and Literacy: The Challenge of Complex Texts."

RECORDED – Dr. Michelle Herczog
Social Studies and the Common Core
Dr. Michelle Herczog is the History-Social Science Consultant for the Los Angeles County Office of Education, responsible for providing professional development and resources for social studies educators. She is President Elect of NCSS and is currently a member of the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction Committee of the Council of Chief State School Officers. Dr. Herczog has authored social studies curriculum materials, reports, and resources.