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Back to School

Students may be enjoying the last few moments of summer vacation, but all too soon they will be heading back into the classroom. Meanwhile, educators all over the country are preparing for the new school year and getting ready to meet their new students.

The Share My Lesson team has created this collection of free resources to help educators get ready for the new school year. There are also back to school lessons, activities and handouts for your students.

General materials for educators

Classroom management
This collection of resources will help you create a positive environment in your classroom.

Setting up your classroom
Check out these helpful hints for getting your classroom ready for the new year.

Common Core Information Center
Find up-to-date information about the Common Core State Standards, including aligned classroom materials, to help plan for the school year.

Working with parents
Parents are an important part of any classroom. These resources will help teachers successfully work with parents.

Classroom materials

Wacky Wayne’s back-to-school ‘I Spy’
Students help Wacky Wayne find his back-to-school items as they identify numbers, letters and shapes.

Who I am
Help introduce yourself to students on the first day of school.

All about me
Have your students create booklets about their favorite things.

Fact file
Learn about your students as they answer questions about themselves.

Beginning of the school year – pre-kindergarten
This resource contains a variety of classroom materials to help teachers plan for a new year of pre-kindergarten.

The first day of school
Join Count Von Count on his first day of school with this video from Sesame Street.

Flat Stanley
In this activity, students will create their own “Flat Stanley” that looks just like them to serve as a name tag for the first days of school.

‘About me’ questionnaire
This graphic organizer helps teachers learn more about their students.

Rapport-building activities
This resource contains activities that will help create a positive class environment during the first days of school.

Get to know your new students by using these icebreakers in class.

Autobiography and life map
In this creative assignment, students tell their autobiographies through pictures.

First day lesson plan
This middle school lesson plan and materials helps teachers get to know their students during their first class together.

Elementary class starter kit
Transition effortlessly between vacation mode and the classroom with this back to school selection of getting to know you activities, target-setting worksheets and classroom organization materials.