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Back to School

Back to School Collection

Students may be enjoying the last few moments of summer vacation, but all too soon they will be heading back into the classroom. Meanwhile, educators all over the country are preparing for the new school year and getting ready to meet their new students.

The Share My Lesson team has created this collection of free resources to help educators to get ready for the new school year. There are also back to school lessons, activities and handouts for your students.

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Elementary school materials

Secondary school materials

General materials for educators

  • Classroom management

    This collection of resources will help you create a positive environment in your classroom.

  • Setting up your classroom

    Check out these helpful hints for getting your classroom ready for the new year.

  • Common Core Information Center

    Find up-to-date information about the Common Core State Standards, including aligned classroom materials, to help plan for the school year.

  • Working with parents

    Parents are an important part of any classroom. These resources will help teachers successfully work with parents.

  • Peaceful classrooms

    Help create a peaceful classroom culture with these routines and games.