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Summer reading

Summer Reading Collection

Educators will be familiar with “summer slide”—when students don’t continue to read over the summer and, as a result, forget the reading skills learned during their time in class.

By creating summer reading assignments, teachers can reinforce skills and strategies that students have developed during the school year. The Share My Lesson team has selected these free resources to help support summer reading assignments. They are great for helping children make sense of their summer reading at home or as a way to assess their reading when they return to school.

General Materials

Double-Entry Journals
Use this activity to help students stay connected with any texts they are reading this summer.

Reading Project Ideas
These ideas help your students stay engaged with reading over the summer.

Summer Reading Project
In this activity, students pick a book to read and create their own project.

Elementary School Materials

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
Throughout this interactive lesson, students will increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
After reading the text, have your students answer these questions to assess their understanding of key concepts.

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil Frankweiler
In this activity, students work in reciprocal teaching groups to talk about the text. This is a great way to discuss a summer reading text.

Harry the Dirty Dog
Help your students read this classic text with actress Betty White.

Cinderella Around the World
Have your students explore the tale of Cinderella using texts from different cultures.

Middle School Materials

A Wrinkle in Time
These end-of-the-book activities for A Wrinkle in Time give students the option to choose a project that best fits their interests and learning styles.

The Giver
This activity packet is a perfect accompaniment to a summer reading assignment.

Students answer questions about Holes as they work through this chapter-by-chapter reading log.

The Hunger Games
Ask your students to reflect on the novel by writing an essay about a major theme in the text.

Book Talks
Help your students write and present book talks with this activity.

High School Materials

Animal Farm
This guided reading packet will help your students understand important concepts in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Things Fall Apart - Part 1
Things Fall Apart - Part 2
This complete Things Fall Apart unit will help you review Chinua Achebe’s classic text with your students.

Guide your students through Robert Cormier’s novel with this thorough PowerPoint.

The Handmaid’s Tale
In this activity, students research one character in the text and present their character to the class, with other students asking relevant questions based upon issues in the novel by Margaret Atwood.

Novel project
This detailed, out-of-class project is perfect for a summer reading assignment.