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Internet safety month

National Internet Safety Month

National Internet Safety Month runs throughout June and provides the opportunity to evaluate our online activities and to make sure that we are exploring the internet safely. Find out how you can teach your students how to be safer online with this collection of free lesson plans, materials and activities and help spread the awareness of internet safety in your classroom and school.

General materials

Students and technology
This resource contains tips for teaching online safety to students, using computers in the classroom and preventing and recognizing cyberbullying.

Elementary school materials

Elementary internet safety pledge
Encourage safe online behavior by asking elementary students to take this pledge.

Online safety
This quiz about online safety is a great way to assess what your students know about internet safety.

Staying safe online
Children are given a number of scenarios and asked how they would stay safe online.

Smartie the Penguin and internet safety
Students follow the story of Smartie the Penguin as they learn how to be safe on the internet.

This video and activity teaches students about cyberbullying and what to do if they are ever a target of this behavior.

Secondary school materials

Online privacy awareness
Help middle school students understand why they should be careful about what they post online.

Secondary school internet safety pledge
Use these internet safety rules to start a discussion about safe online behavior.

Predators and grooming
These resources alert teens to the dangers of communicating with people they do not know on the internet.

Social networking tips for teens
This tip sheet serves as a guide to help teens stay safe as they use social networking websites.