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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Each year, on the final Monday of May, we celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a solemn day where we remember the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who died while serving our country. The holiday was originally known as Decoration Day, a time when Americans remembered those who died during the Civil War. During the 20th century, it was expanded to include all wars. Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in 1968.

The Share My Lesson team has put together a collection of free lesson plans, materials and activities that honor our nation’s fallen soldiers by exploring the importance of Memorial Day and learning about the wars which caused so many causalities.

Elementary school materials

Memorial Day handout
Students write about the importance of Memorial Day using this handout.

Honoring the United States through symbols
Using this lesson plan, students will learn about different symbols we use to honor our country.

Memorial Day word list
A handy list of words and images related to Memorial Day.

High school materials

Road to the Civil War
Students study the events that led to the Civil War.

Remembering women in war
This SmartBoard Memorial Day lesson explores the important role of women in wars.

Americans in World War I
This PowerPoint discusses the reasons why the United States joined World War I.

War poetry
This series of lessons guides students through poems written by soldiers during World War I.

Iwo Jima
Students learn about this important event from World War II.

Korean War
This interactive lesson guides students through the causes of the Korean War.

Vietnam War
This comprehensive unit covers all major events of the Vietnam War.