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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education collection

Looking for early childhood resources? Here are some to get you started! Below you will find activities and instructional resources that cover math, science, literacy and more.

Get students moving

Parachute songs and games
Songs and games to play with the parachute. This is especially helpful for students with sensory deficits.

Balance and coordination activities
These activities will get students moving and help to develop agility, balance and coordination.


Ten Little Teddy Bears - a counting story
A beautifully illustrated PowerPoint to practice counting to ten as a group.

Wheel of fitness
Being active is fun with this interactive game from The Children's Museum of Houston that gets students hopping and counting.

Sing, dance and shout the shapes
Students expend excess energy while learning their shapes.

Number stories
Students visualize number stories and create their own.

Addition and subtraction
By coloring beads on a string, students demonstrate their understanding of addition and subtraction.


Musical instruments investigations
Combine scientific investigation with arts and crafts in this fun activity.

Science investigations
Nurture the natural curiosity of students with these fun scientific inquiries.

My five senses
In this activity, students learn to name the five senses and understand why they are important.


Picture cards
These cards teach receptive and expressive vocabulary. Have students visually match non-identical examples of the same item. This resource is also useful for students with learning disabilities or students for whom English is a second language.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
After reading this classic text, students will create art using the same collage technique and subject matter as the artist and illustrator Eric Carle.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Use this timeless story to teach students about rhythm and repetition.

Social studies

Sesame Street: election day
Learn about Election Day with this resource from Sesame Street.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your students using these resources.

Instructional strategies

Teaching our youngest
Scientifically-based ways to help children develop language abilities, increase knowledge, become familiar with books and other printed materials, learn letters and sounds, recognize numbers and learn to count.

Social emotional growth

Character traits
Students practice identifying personality and physical character traits.

It's good to be me!
In this activity, students write down six things that they can do. This will help improve their self image.