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Bullying prevention collection

In the classroom


Communicating peacefully
Help support a bully-free environment in your classroom and school with this resource from Peace First.

Gender expressions
A series of lessons to reduce gender stereotypes and gender-based bullying in the classroom.
Feeling angry
Help students identify, understand and constructively cope with anger with this resource from Peace First.

Bullying role-play cards
A set of scenarios for students to role-play about bullying.

Sesame Street: The Good Birds' Club
This resource from Sesame Street helps children understand the difference between reporting and tattling with help from Big Bird, Elmo and Abby.

Bullying poster
This poster from the American Federation of Teachers reminds elementary students that bullying is not okay and that there are ways to stop it from happening to themselves and other classmates.

Lace Up Against Bullying
This anti-bullying resource uses the text Lace Up Against Bullying to teach students how to work together to stand up against bullying.

Thank You, Mr. Falker
Using the text Thank You, Mr. Falker, students discuss how to address bullying in their school.

Secondary level

What to do if it's you
Get your students to consider various bullying scenarios.

Bullying, language and literature
Examine bullying through the lens of literature with this lesson plan.

Bullying poster
This poster from the American Federation of Teachers serves as a simple reminder for students about how to address incidences of bullying.

Anti-bullying workshop
This collection of resources from Defeat the Label includes a warm up and introduction to the issue, an anti-bullying pledge and a “code of conduct” exercise to use with your students.

Does our school effectively curtail bullying?
In this project-based, Common Core-aligned writing assignment, students research their school’s anti-bullying policy and develop additional ideas to further reduce bullying.

All levels

Bullying booklist for students
This booklist from the American Federation of Teachers includes children's books, books for teens and self-help books for children.

Tips for students
Strategies for students on the subject of bullying.

This whole-class interactive activity from the American Federation of Teachers is an easy way to inspire respectful interaction in the classroom.

Anti-bullying activities for the classroom
These resources from Defeat the Label will help you discuss different types of bullying with your students.

Information and guidance on bullying

For educators

Bullying prevention training
This research-based presentation can help educators lead bullying prevention efforts in their schools and local communities.

What is bullying and how to stop it
This resource from the American Federation of Teachers answers frequently asked questions about bullying, different types of bullying, how to detect bullying and what educators can do to prevent it.

Social emotional learning toolkit
This toolkit from The Bully Project focuses on the systematic development of a core set of social and emotional skills.

Recommended resources for bullying prevention
A wealth of websites, articles and books for more information on bullying prevention and anti-bullying curricula from The Bully Project.

Bullying on the bus
This training toolkit is designed to provide bus drivers with information on the prevalence and warning signs of bullying behavior and provides specific strategies for intervening when bullying occurs.
Bullying behavior in the classroom
This training toolkit addresses bullying in classrooms. It is designed to assist teachers in cultivating meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate in the classroom by equipping classroom teachers and other educators to reduce the instances bullying behavior within their classrooms.

For parents

Happy to be me: an anti-bullying discussion
These videos from Sesame Street present panel discussions on the subject of bullying with experts in the field.
Resources for parents
This resource from The Bully Project includes suggestions for types of questions parents can ask, tips and a parent action toolkit.