Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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“Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” tells the inspirational story of one of the greatest leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela. From his humble beginnings in Transkei, South Africa, to his 27-year incarceration for treason, to his eventual release to become the president of a fully participatory, democratic South Africa, the story of Mandela provides educators with an opportunity to dive into the issues of freedom and forgiveness, equality and equanimity, reconciliation and redemption. With that in mind, we have created the “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Educator’s Guide”. Education is a vital component of furthering the film’s–and Mandela’s own–message. The classroom lessons that accompany the film not only examine this explosive period in the history of South Africa, but also afford an opportunity to explore current events in Africa, America and around the world through the lens of an incredible person and his incredible story.

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